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This event is offered for all Elementary and Secondary Teachers. A Canvas module, helper videos, and resources for finding good Phenomena videos/activities for your classroom.

Here’s what you should expect to learn:

Learning Targets:

  • Identifying what creates a good phenomena lesson plan.
  • Assessment for administrators who are observing a science SEEd lesson.

Success Criteria:

  • completion of a phenomena lesson with the following:
  • Phenomena correlate to the SEEd core and support content for the remaining lesson plan.
  • Adequate time provided to allow students to explore the phenomena and make initial determinations for how it works.
  • Questions that support good key science and engineering practices.

At the end of the week, a Phenomena Q&A session will be held to answer individual questions. Sign up for the session using the link below.

Phenomena Q&A session sign up

Questions? Reach out to STEM/Science Curriculum Specialist Amy Rosenvall.