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Cindy Christen

CNP Supervisor – Edgemont

Cindy is a great lunchroom supervisor.  Her love for the children, her drive to work hard and fast, her problem solving skills, her intelligence, her generosity and her fun nature make her stand out.  Cindy always strives to do the very best at all she does. The students at her school adore her.  She always finds a way to engage them in ways that expresses her interest in their lives.

Jeanette Baum

CNP Clerk – Edgemont

Jeanette Baum has worked for Child Nutrition for 4 years. She rarely misses any work.  Jeanette is so kind and sweet to the students that they are always talking to her, hugging her and just making sure she gets a smile from them.  They feel comfortable and safe with her, and she is a constant anchor in their daily routine at the school.  Jeanette is also very helpful to the parents. She truly enjoys her work, and it shows.

Lindsey Child

Sweeper – Independence High School

Lindsey wants every day to be better than the last.  She strives for excellence and helps push her team to maintain high cleanliness levels every single day.  She always giving her best, which helps give the students a safe and clean environment for learning on an incredibly consistent basis. When she is given a task and entrusted with a high level of responsibility, she can give astonishingly impressive results.

Margaret Smith

Bus Driver – Transportation

Margaret, or “Peggy” as she is known amongst her co-workers, is an ever friendly and diligent worker.  Often misjudged due to her kind demeanor, Peggy if fierce in her protection of her charges.

Heather Davies

Bus Assistant – Transportation

Heather is a wonderful employee that does her job with perfection.  She loves and cares for all the children on her bus. The children love her and always want to show her how good they can buckle themselves into the booster seat.  She wants the children to learn bus safety rules and she expects them to follow them.  When teaching the children about bus evacuation procedures, she gets down to their level to make sure they understand what they should be doing in every situation and how to safely evacuate the bus when given the direction to do so.

Marsha Macy

Attendance Secretary – Centennial Middle School

Marsha is the Attendance Secretary. She is a delight to work with! She has such a kind heart and stays calm under the pressure of a long line of students as they anxiously wait to be checked in for being late in the morning. The office is a very busy place in the morning, and really throughout the day, but Marsha always handles each student and parent with patience and a sweet tone of voice.

Andrea Betts

College & Career Coordinator – Provo High School

Andrea Betts sacrifices much of her personal time on behalf of our students at Provo High. Andrea was inspired to create a “Cultural Celebration” event at Provo High, where all the various cultures at our school could showcase their country through song and dance. Andrea coordinated all the legwork for this event including gaining the participation of a non-profit organization, securing the donation for food, promoting the event throughout the school and community, and orchestrating the rehearsals needed for each student group participating. The evening ended up being highly successful. The students loved showcasing the unique characteristics of their heritage and the event really increased the sense of solidarity felt amongst our student body.

Lisa Pulver

Concurrent Enrollment Coordinator  – Timpview High School

Lisa does a wonderful job as the Concurrent Enrollment Liaison at Timpview High School.  She is always up to date on the current policies and laws concerning Concurrent Enrollment at the State Level as well as university level.  Lisa is a great resource and is always willing to think outside the box. She is a great problem solver and is willing to put in the time to get things done. She works hard for her students to help them accomplish their goals, as well as her teachers to be able to be effective in the Concurrent Enrollment program and give students as many opportunities for college credit as possible.

Fidela Hubbard

Cook – Provo Peaks

Fidela is always on time and ready to go, infusing everyone with her positive attitude each and every day.  She is a quick learner, excelling at everything she is shown and continually clarifying to see how she can improve.  She looks for opportunities to find things to do without being asked and is constantly working. She is friendly and helpful to all she serves, from coworkers and student volunteers to parents needing her Spanish interpretation skills. She does all of this without complaint and seeks to bring a sense of peace and well being to all around.

Debbie Larson

ParaProfessional – Amelia Earhart

Debbie has worked on the PESP Association Board for the past few years and is a very positive person and wonderful problem solver. Debbie advocates for ALL EMPLOYEES of the district and their positions. She has a passion to bring everyone together for the greater good of the whole school district.

As a Para Educator, Debbie works with behavior students at her school.  She takes her job very seriously, working closely with her students, their parents, teachers and administrators, finding behavioral solutions so that the student my return to class and continue to learn in a positive learning environment.  She often goes above and beyond her own job duties in her building.

Jeanne Pratt

Head Custodian – Wasatch

Jeanne is the Head Custodian at Wasatch Elementary and truly emanates the “Provo Way” in all that she does every day.  Jeanne wears many hats and is loved by all that work with her.  She is willing to go the extra mile in all that she does and works at high speeds to keep our huge school up and running. Jeanne works with students and parents at Wasatch on a continual basis. She is always willing to listen and truly cares about our students.  We hear from parents, students and teachers on a consistent basis how they love Jeanne and appreciate the many things she does for them.

Sarah Jensen

Tracker – Dixon Middle School

Sarah Jensen’s job duties mostly entail tracking middle school students.  However, Sarah goes beyond tracking and becomes a cheerleader to struggling students. For students that need more support than just tracking, Sarah recruits college students to tutor students before, during and after school.  For our English language learners, Sarah recruits and trains volunteer translators to attend class with these students. She spends countless hours after work as a volunteer herself because she is passionate about helping students succeed.  She is dedicated to putting students first and is driven to be a force for good in their learning.  She has a passion for education and a love for her students.

Brigida Weiss

Assistant Librarian- Timpview High School

Brigida Weiss is the Assistant Librarian at Timpview High School. She is calm, patient and efficient, qualities which come in handy while making emergency copies for teachers or helping frantic students who are late for class figure out why the job they sent to the printer isn’t printing. She can find a book on the shelves that no one else can see and is diplomatic, yet firm, in resolving overdue or lost book issues. She anticipates needs and is always ahead when it comes to ordering supplies to keep the copy center running smoothly. Always smiling, she is a favorite with teachers and students alike. The fact that she is bilingual is a real plus because she is able to communicate with parents and students who are struggling to make their needs known. She is an outstanding team player and a key component to the success of the Library.


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