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Tuesday, October 19 is Professional Development Day. We have organized grade level/subject specific trainings for the day. You can view the schedule in the table below to understand when you need to be where to complete your PD Day training. Please reach out to the contact listed if you have any questions or concerns.

  • Preschool teachers LETRS Training.
  • K-3 teachers are in LETRS training.
  • 4-6 teachers have district training in the A.M.
  • 7-12 teachers (with the exception of CTE) will be at their schools from 8-12. Some teachers have other responsibilities in the afternoon (listed below).
  • 4-12 teachers should spend 2 hrs (as determined by your school) on Blended Learning.
K-3 teachersLETRS8-4Online- DO NOT share links. Each individual teacher will need to login on their own computer in order to get credit from the LETRS organizationIndividual teachers will need to review their emails and MIDAS for USBE/LETRS links
4 GradeScience 8:00-9:45Science: GLC (Stage Side)Amy Rosenvall
4 GradeMath10:15-11:45Link to Math WebinarsJudy Rose
5 GradeMath8:00-9:45Link to Math WebinarsJudy Rose
5 GradeScience10:15-11:45Link to Math WebinarsAmy Rosenvall
6 GradeContent Literacy8:00-9:45Timpanogos LibraryLindsay Baccus
6 GradeMath10:15-11:45Link to Math WebinarsJudy Rose
Elementary DLI teachersDLI-(4th & 5th grade teachers will attend science PD and return to the DLI training)TBDSpanish: Canyon Crest (Spanish Utah DLI literacy curriculum) Portuguese: Lakeview French: Edgemont Chinese: Wasatch Christine Whatcott
Title I & Sunrise PreschoolLETRS8:30-3:30LETRS LinkMichelle Eldredge
7-12AM: WICOR8-12Your SchoolSchool admn/WICOR coaches
4-12PM: Blended Learning: Nearpod/Utah Compose1-3Your SchoolSchool admn/WICOR coaches/PDBL coordinators
9-12 SciencePhenomena Science Standards PD12-4:30Provo High School B314Amy Rosenvall
BTS ArtsSEED standards, research, advocacy, Needs for this year8:30-11:00Sunset View art roomChris Roberts
Elementary music1st Hour – Teaching Rhythmic Concepts: Choosing Pedagogical Repertoire 2nd Hour – Choral Vocal Development9:00 – 11:30Amelia EarhartJulianna Gylseth
Special Ed TeachersFollow your school PD schedule
Social Workersvarious9-4Miriam Campbell will communicate details to social workersMiriam Campbell
Secondary CounselorsSchool Counseling1:00 – 2:00TimpviewNate Warner
MS and HS Math TeachersC/A; WICOR/AVID Big Ideas Math Curriculum Notebooks1:00 – 3:00PDCCarla Johnson
CTECCA Teachers WICOR10:30-12:00Centennial LibraryClay Bingham
CTECaps Teachers PBL Self Efficacy 1:00-3:00CAPS CenterClay Bingham
CTECTE Teachers Blended Learning WICOR1:00-3:00GLCClay Bingham
OTs, PTs, APE, COTAsSensory Regulation, Visual Perception, Augmentative and Alternative Communication (AAC) Medicaid Logs, and Collaboration8:00 -3:30HillsideVanessa Rapier
SLPs, SLTs and AudiologistEasy Trac, Data Collection, Eligibility Process, Problem Solving and Collaboration8:00-3:30Provo Peaks LibraryCheryl Thornton
PsychologistsLETRS training w/intermittent collaboration8:00-4:30Student Services Conference RoomKaitie Barlow

View Google Spreadsheet of October 19 PD Schedule


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