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During the October 10, 2017 Board of Education Business Meeting, the Provo City School District Board of Education did the following:

  • Recognized Provo Way Award Recipients:
    • Clint Wolfe, District Social Worker
    • Jennifer Heldenbrand, Canyon Crest Teacher
    • Damian Kidd, District Volunteer
    • Devyn Dayley ,Director of Accounting
    • Kathy Hansen, Instructional Coach
  • Approved Policy 4130 Alternative and Remedial Education Programs
  • Approved Policy 6510 Staff Safety
  • Approved Policy 4160 Special Education and Related Services for Eligible Students
  • Approved Policy 5060 Interns and Student Teachers
  • Approved Policy 5325 New Employee Placement on the Salary Schedule
  • Approved school calendars, SEP conferences and related instructional hours for the 2017-2018 school year.
  • Accepted the 2016-2017 Annual Audit and CAFR and the 2015-2016 ASBO and GFOA financial awards.
  • Approved the budget adjustments, including revenue and expenditures, in the amount for $4,385,863 for new award letters, FY17 carryover items and a 2.5% one-time pay increase to employees.

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