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November Benefit Buzz is highlighting Your PCSD Leave Policy.  If you would like additional information please review policy 5400.

Leave Clarifications

  • Contact the benefits office if you have a procedure or surgery, there may be paperwork required before returning to work
  • If you are sick 3+ days, a return to work doctors note is required. Contact Rebecca Rogers if an exception needs to be made
  • Contact the school nurse if you or a family member test positive for COVID, if absent, you will request sick leave for yourself, or PTO if you taking care of a family member
  • Personal Days have a dock associated with them ($10.00 certified; 25% classified)

Leave request must be initiated on the appropriate portals. In addition, if a substitute is required, you will need to submit the request on Frontline with ESS. Abby Dean is our new ESS representative, and can be reached at (801)374-4405. If you need additional help, please reach out to the benefits office.

High Impact Days

Leave may not be taken on the following days without approval from your supervisor and Deputy Superintendent (Jason Cox) or HR Directors. High Impact Days are:

  • The first or last five days of school
  • Immediately preceding and following fall, winter and spring break
  • Graduation days for UVU or BYU unless it is the graduation of an immediate family member
  • Parent Teacher Conference
  • Teacher professional development days
  • Other days as identified by building principals/supervisors announced within the first two weeks of the school year

Leaving Employment

If you decide to leave PCSD, PTO and personal leave may not be taken within thirty (30) days preceding the last day of employment.