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Do you know someone who deserves to be recognized for their extraordinary efforts in education?

Every month, the Provo Ways brighten our days and bring value to our education community. We love to be able to show tangible recognition to the teachers, staff, and administrators who go above and beyond to bring value to our district.

In order to show our appreciation through the Provo Way award, these highly valued individuals must be nominated by someone else. Anyone can nominate, even those who do not work within the district. The nominee simply must be part of the Provo community.

Each month, the District Celebrations Committee screens the nominated names. Once selected, the awardees are recognized at the monthly board meeting. If you have someone in mind that you would like to nominate, simply fill out a nomination form. If you know someone who is making an impact with their actions and deserves recognition, don’t hesitate to nominate them today!