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Here are nine reasons why it’s better to live gratefully.  Put together by our district Wellness Team.

  1. Charity: Grateful people on average give 20% more time and money
  2. Psychological: Gratitude is related to age: for every 10 years, GRATITUDE increases by 5%
  3. Community: Grateful people will have a stronger bond with the local community
  4. Health: Grateful people will have 10% fewer stress related illnesses, be more physically fit, and have bold pressure that is lower by 12%
  5. Work: Happy people’s income is roughly 7% higher
  6. Friends: More satisfying relationships with others, and will be better liked
  7. Youth: 13% fewer fights, 20% more likely to get A grades
  8. Where:  The most grateful countries are: South Africa, UAE Philippines and India The Least: Netherlands, Denmark, Hungary, Czech Republic and UK
  9. Life: Overall positive emotions can add up to 7 years to your life.

Wow, those are some numbers to be grateful for. Below is a fun game to play with family and friends for THANKSGIVING.

Gratitude Game

Download Dice Game


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