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Ready for a mini challenge?

Smart portions healthy habit challenge starts Monday, September 12.

Healthy Habits are a week long challenge focusing on non-step related wellness. Record five out of the seven days and you completed the challenge.  Yes it is that simple. Remember four healthy habit challenge equal to 1 activity challenge.

This month we are focusing on portion controls. What is the meaning of portion control? It means choosing a healthy amount of a certain food to help you get the benefits of the nutrients.

Here are some tricks to try to help with portion control:

  • Use a smaller plate
  • Don’t double your carbs
  • Give measuring cups a go
  • Be selective with your seconds
  • Don’t pick at leftovers
  • 20 minute rule – Our brains register fullness about 20 minutes after our stomachs – eat slow!

At the end of the day, portion control is a quick fix that improves your quality of life and may prevent binging.

Let’s all do the healthy habit challenge together.  Visit with your wellness manager or Cat Miner for more information.