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Do you have students struggling to read larger words in your 4th-6th grade classroom? Decoding multisyllabic words is an essential skill that has a direct impact on reading accuracy, fluency, and comprehension of text. The task of decoding or pronouncing longer words is often a challenge for many students in grades 3 and above. The Multisyllable Routine Cards help students solve the mystery of reading multisyllabic words by recognizing patterns, identifying correct vowel sounds, and applying syllable division rules. The student-friendly routines on the six syllable types are ideal for whole-class instruction, designed to take just 10 minutes a day!

Beginning this school year, there is a new digital presentation available for the Multisyllable Routine Cards that makes teaching the lessons efficient and engaging. The presentation allows students to see the routines clearly and actively participate in the lesson.

The Multisyllable Routine Cards is a supplemental and optional program that is available to schools and teachers that request this program. If you are interested in the new digital presentations for the Multisyllable Routine Cards you can contact your school’s MTSS Coordinator or Tiffany Evans at

Information provided by Tiffany Evans