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This information is for all who use the MIDAS system to help alleviate much of the confusion and issues you may be having or have had surrounding MIDAS.

To Verify Contact Information. MIDAS accounts are created based on the current teaching assignment posted in CACTUS, if as educator you are currently working and your CACTUS shows your teaching assignment. The CACTUS email address that appears as your contact information in your CACTUS account, that is your MIDAS username.

MIDAS Reset link password information You need to enter the email address that appears in your CACTUS account as contact information. If you enter a different email address MIDAS will not send a reset link to reset your password.

See screenshots in pdf below CACTUS information

Steps to Create a MIDAS Account If you were recently hired by a LEA or Charter School, you might not have MIDAS account yet, please send a request by email to with the following information:

  • Full Legal Name
  • District / Charter
  • Email Address (we recommend you use your personal email and not your school email) 
  • School
  • DOB (to avoid duplicate account)
  • Organization
  • Currently Teaching: Yes/No
  • Position

Updating MIDAS information If you wish to update your MIDAS username , please update your contact email address in CACTUS first, go to Educator Licensing Online and click on the last box named “Update My Contact Information”. After updating CACTUS now, you can update your MIDAS username “email address“ in the database. If you update only MIDAS, it will revert to the information in CACTUS. Attached find the tutorial to know the navigation in MIDAS. How to Find CACTUS Information

  • Educators can find their CACTUS information by going,
  • Enter username and password.
  • As soon you access, please select from the USBE tool, “ CACTUS “ by selecting that option the browser will open a new window , that page will show your personal information.

We recommend that you use your personal email so that your CACTUS account is tied to you and not your position (meaning your school email) since teachers often change assignments throughout their career. 


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