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Each week, in a different location, the Standards Implementation Institute “SII” will support teachers wanting to learn more about standards/ideas and integrated instruction.

SII supports multiple areas: ELA, Mathematics, Science, PE, History, Art & Social Studies

For example: Secondary science teachers wanting to learn more about the SEEd standards and/or get ideas that will support their instruction. For Secondary Science, the first two days will be an engaging introduction to the SEEd Standards, 3D Science, and Phenomenon-Based Instruction — meant for all secondary science teachers. For the third and fourth days of SII there will be a full day session in each of the secondary science standards offered one day per week: 6th Grade Science (for middle school teachers), 7th Grade Science, 8th Grade Science, Biology, Chemistry, Earth and Space Science, and Physics.

This is a great opportunity for science teachers and instructional coaches to learn about SEEd and resources supporting it as well as learn from teachers in the state who teach secondary science.


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