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During the March 14, 2017 Board of Education Business Meeting, the Provo City School District Board of Education did the following:

  • Recognized Provo Way Award Recipients:
    • Tricia Briggs, Teacher at Spring Creek Elementary
    • Michele Strong, Registrar at Oak Springs
    • Alexandra Harker, Teacher at Timpview High
    • Angaleen Goodwin, District Physical Therapist
    • Emma Monsivais, Student at Timpview High
    • Wendy Nichol, Special Education Coordinator at Timpview High
    • Brandon Hunt, ESP at Spring Creek Elementary
    • Alison Van Orden, Teacher at Timpview
    • Callie Gallacher, Social worker at Westridge Elementary
    • Shelley Graham, PTO Co-President at Westridge Elementary
    • Kaden Hickman, Student at Spring Creek Elementary
  • Approved new policy 3155 Releasing Minors from School Attendance
  • Approved revised policy 4115 Accelerated Academic Programs (formerly Gifted and Talented)
  • Approved revised policy 4125 Enrollment in District Instructional Programs with Limited Student Access
  • Approved the budget request supporting the Digital Teaching and Learning grant in the amount of $344,724 revenues and $344,724 in matching expenditures.
  • Approved the large purchase requests in the amounts of $274,501 for the purchase of 1050 chrome books and $77,748 for the purchase of 66 replacement laptops for teachers.
  • Approved the donation of a musical organ to Timpview High School by Gordon Harkness
  • Approved Calendar option A for the 2018-2019 school year.