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Thank you for your patience as we navigate best how to support teachers in our district with this State Mandated Professional Development. As we near the end of this first year of LETRS PD, please make note of the following:

1) Make-up Sessions for Unit 1 are complete and no longer offered.

2) Make-up Sessions for Unit 2 and 3 are wrapping up. If you missed either of these units, and need to sign up for a make-up session, please do so ASAP. Search course code 60077 – Unit 2 and 60078- Unit 3 in MIDAS to find available sessions.

3) Options for Unit 4- There are 2 dates reserved for the PROVO cohort. May 23 and June 1 (course code 60073). We recognize that there may be some who are unable to do one of these 2 days. The state has several make-up sessions that are an option for those who cannot make one of the Provo dates. To view the options for these, use course code 60079. If you are attending on a school day, you will need to 1) Obtain permission from your principal. 2) Secure a sub. 3) Register for your course on MIDAS (be sure to delete previously registered courses if changing). If you are attending in June or a non-teaching day, you will be compensated. Those attending a date that is not a Provo cohort day will need to have your attendance certificate available for verification.

4) Passing Clarification- LETRS has identified 80% averages on each Unit as a passing score. In addition to completing the online modules and virtual sessions, this passing score is a requirement to demonstrate mastered completion of the LETRS course. You can use your manual and have two opportunities to take all the Unit Check for Understandings used to find your average unit score. In doing some additional digging on the Post-test requirement, it was found that the main purpose of the post test is to show growth in learning. You have one opportunity to take the post-test. The expectation is to do your best and improve. Pre and post tests will be compared. This test is open book. This score will NOT be averaged into your Unit scores. The test is 45 questions and is expected to take around 30 min. Be sure to leave yourself enough time to complete the test. Answers will not be saved until you click submit. Those interested in becoming a LETRS facilitator in the future must score 88% or higher.