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How will I know if I should attend?

Provo Cohort #1 (Units 5 – 8)

Teachers in this group completed Units 1-4 last year and will continue with work on Units 5-8. This group has already been contacted, books have been dispersed and dates announced. Christine Whatcott will email teachers the link for the online training the week of the training. Unit 5 virtual training will be held on Oct. 24.

Provo Cohort #2 (Units 1 – 4)

Any new teacher in grades K-3 or new Elementary SPED teachers will be included in this group. Teachers in the new cohort teachers have not yet been notified (notifications coming soon). Christine will send training links to this group the week before the trainings. Unit 1 virtual training will be held on Oct. 24.

How do I register?

Teachers in these cohorts are automatically registered and attendance reports are sent to the district.

How will I get materials?

Materials for Cohort 1 have already been sent or delivered to teachers at schools. If you have not received your Volume 2 Manual, please contact Christine Whatcott. Materials for our new Cohort #2, will be dispersed as soon as they are received from LEXIA.

Where should I go?

Training sessions are all done virtually, teachers need their own device and be signed into the session independently. Teachers should talk to their principal for information on where to attend this online training.


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