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We are excited for another great year of literacy instruction in Provo School District and are encouraged by student reading improvement evident in data, as well as many wonderful teachers who have shared their learning experiences and improved teaching practices. Thank you for your dedication and hard work. As we get started with LETRS this year, please review the following information:

  1. New K-3 and SPED teachers are in the DISTRICT cohort. This is separate from the STATE cohort that ran last year. Those in the STATE cohort will continue as they did last year. They will be registered through MIDAS. The state has done a mass enrollment of all those in the STATE cohort for the Unit 5 session scheduled for August 11. They do not need to register themselves. They will get a confirmation email with the zoom information from the state soon. If a STATE cohort attendant has an admin excused absence for a PD day, they can choose from any of the make-up days on MIDAS. The Unit 5 make-up session MIDAS code is 60810. New teachers that are in the DISTRICT cohort cannot take state days. The way the funding worked for this new group is that the district has its own cohort contracted through LEXIA. We have scheduled our Unit 1 training on August 11. There are 2 district cohorts. These teachers DO NOT need to register on MIDAS. They are already enrolled and will get a link from me for their training on August 11. If there are any admin excused absences for this group, they need to contact me to discuss options. Both cohorts will continue to do the trainings virtually via zoom. We recognize that teachers will not be able to come to the training on August 11 with all the work complete. New teachers were sent an email with a kickoff video and information. At a minimum, new teachers should watch that video before starting. For everyone else, do the best you can. ALL training on August 11 will be via zoom.
  2.  Manuals- I have sent all the Volume 2 manuals to school Early Literacy Coordinators to distribute. If there are any missing, please let me know and I will get those sent out as soon as possible. Volume 1 manuals are being shipped from LEXIA. I have sent out all the extra Volume 1 manuals that I had. Westridge, Sunset, Provost, and Amelia will get theirs as soon as they come in. I would encourage you to have teachers who finished volume 1 share that book with new colleagues until they get theirs.
  3. Logins- All STATE cohort participants continue to use the same logins. The same credentials should work. New DISTRICT cohort participants will be getting an email from LEXIA shortly with their login information. These will come to their district emails. They should have them by Monday.
  4. Early Literacy Coordinators at your school can help support at the school level. Please contact them for any help.