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  1. If you were unable to attend Unit 3 on Feb. 22. Please sign up for a make-up session ASAP. The MIDAS course code for Unit 3 make-up sessions is 60078. Check available dates on MIDAS and obtain permission from your admin to sign up for your chosen date.
  2. There are 2 options for Unit 4. May 23 (2 sections) or June 1 (4 sections). Before signing up for the May 23 session, you will need to obtain permission from your principal and secure a substitute. Those doing the June 1 option will be given some compensation for your time. The course code for Unit 4 is 60076.  Please look at the date.  The first 2 sections are the May 23 date, the next 4 are the June 1 date. 
  3. As you begin wrapping up your work on LETRS Units 1-4 this year, please be aware that credit and stipends will be awarded to those who successfully complete Units 1-4 work. This includes:
    • All online modules complete with Unit Average scores of 80% or higher. (You have 2 tries on these Check for Understanding/Unit Quizzes).
    • Attend all 4 Unit zoom sessions through MIDAS.
    • Complete the Bridge to Practice activities
    • Complete and pass the Unit 1-4 Summative Assessment. Please note: This test is OPEN BOOK but can only be taken ONCE. Plan for enough time to be able to do your best.
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