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This is it! The last Virgin Pulse Steps Challenge, Mindful Exploration, start today, Monday January 30, 2023.

To get credit you MUST do the following:

  1.  Join or create a team before Friday, February 3
  2. Log into your Virgin Pulse app WEEKLY and upload your steps – VERY IMPORTANT Or log into the Virgin Pulse website and manually update your steps WEEKLY
  3. All steps totals must be entered or loaded into Virgin Pulse by Tuesday, February 28

What to do if you have any of the following problems:

  • Joining or creating a team
  • Opening app
  • Uploading steps
  • Manually entering in steps
  • Forgot to enter steps in the following week

Call or email Cat Miner – or 801-370-4655 Or talk to your Wellness Manager

Happy Walking! Let’s make this the best challenge yet.