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Kindergarten Teachers and Testing Coordinators

Thank you for your completion of the KEEP entry assessment! If you haven’t already, please input the data into the Data Gateway system. It’s important to begin soon, because if a student name is missing, it can take up to a week to track down special cases. In most cases, do the following:

  1. Please check to make sure all of your students are listed in Data Gateway.
  2. If they are not, please ask your registrar to run a Powerschool error report and fix the errors. Student name should appear on Data Gateway within 1-2 days.
  3. Use the “Google Chrome” browser when entering in Data Gateway, because Safari has some glitches.

This is a change.

All students, including new move-ins within the first term, need to be assessed with the KEEP. You will only enter data to Data Gateway for students who were in Powerschool within three weeks of your school’s first day of kindergarten.

If you need help entering data or need further clarification, please contact Shari Payne at