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Medical Cost Estimator

  • Know Before You Go
    • We can give you an estimate of how much you’ll need to budget using your benefits, where you live, and your plan’s provider network. For example, we can estimate the cost of cataract removal, including charges for the facility, provider, and anesthesiologist. Bundling these numbers together, we’ll estimate your costs, including how much your plan will cover and what you will pay.
  • Numbers You Can Count On
    • Our Cost Estimator pulls data from our networks—using claims data—to provide estimates that represent the cost of care.
  • Avoid Surprise Medical Bills
    • With useful, up-front cost information at your fingertips; you can take control of your healthcare decisions.
  • Dollar Amounts, Not Equations
    • Don’t guess how much your upcoming surgery or maternity stay will cost. Our Cost Estimator will pull data from your plan, taking into account your deductible and out-of-pocket maximum. Access the Medical Cost Estimator by logging in to My Health at
  • Reminder
    • As a SelectHealth Share member, you are required to see participating providers in order to be covered on the medical plans offered through Provo School District. If a member chooses to see a provider not covered on the SelectHealth Share Network they would be responsible for the total cost they incur for services.

Medical Cost Estimator Benefit Buzz (PDF).