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Here is your bite-sized PD for the week of January 24, 2022 from Innovative Learning! This week, we’re focusing on another of our core technologies – Loom!

Loom is a simple-to-use tool for video messaging and screencasting. Sign in with your PCSD Google account to get started, then install the Chrome Extension and/or download the desktop application. Don’t worry – Loom walks you through how to do that!

I like to use Loom for three main things:

  1. Creating screencasts to show students, parents, teachers, staff, and my mom how to do something online or in a program they’re trying to use. I just record while I navigate a website or app so they can see exactly how to do it and even pause and rewind if they need to see something again.
  2. Recording presentations such as PowerPoints or Google Slides. I just record using Loom while I go into presentation mode and deliver my slides.
  3. Giving video feedback on students’ and others’ work. I just record using Loom while reviewing their work to help them better understand my feedback.

Here are some great Loom tutorial resources:

I hope you’ll give Loom a try this week!