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Provo City School District is proud to offer employees a generous leave policy. When you experience an event that requires you to use your leave, keep these tips in mind when submitting your requests.

  • Leaves must be requested through the appropriate portals: Alio Employee Service Portal and Kelly Services (certified and administration), NovaTime (for hourly and classified).
  • Your leave request should reflect your daily contract. Example: You are a teacher taking off a Friday, you are expected to request 8 hours of leave.
  • Sick leave: if you are out due to an illness for 3 or more consecutive days, a doctor’s note is required before returning to work (all medical records or doctor’s notes will be kept securely in the benefits office). Extended
  • Medical Leave: if you have a condition that requires you to be out for 10 or more days, please contact the Benefits office. Email for an appointment.

Exception to Leaves Remember that exceptions need to be approved by your supervisor and Jason Cox, Deputy Superintendent. Examples for exceptions include: high impact days, exceeding hours from your personal, PTO, and sick leave balances.

PTO: You must include the event in the comment box when requesting PTO days. If corrections are needed, email Catherine Miner and include your supervisor on all emails for approval. If you have any questions, please call Benefits at (801) 374-4879.

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