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The Instructional Council, led by Asst. Supt. Anne-Marie Harrison, and consisting of all deputy/assistant superintendents, the superintendent, and academic directors, meets regularly to discuss academic matters. Here is the past week’s meeting agenda with notes:

October 31, 2022 Meeting

In attendance: Todd McKee, Clay Bingham, Anne-Marie Harrison, Michelle Eldredge, Suzy Cox, Judy Rose, Karen Brock, Jason Cox, and Kerry Crockett. Not present: Ron Twitchell, Alex Judd, Doug Finch, Jason Garrison, Keith Rittel, and Suraj Syal

  1. PD Course Credit Requests – Karen Brock none today
  2. Secondary Course Credit Requests – Todd McKee Proposal of combining credit with Mathematical Decision Making for Life and Financial Literacy at Independence High School. This will apply to all high schools. Approval received from IC.
  3. Academic Initiative List Discussions: Review and Update DLI – Anne-Marie Harrison Weblink: We have four languages in four schools. Mandarin Chinese at Wasatch, French at Edgemont, Portuguese at Lakeview, and Spanish at Timpanogos. Timpanogos is not in the state model. Review of District Website: Dual Language Immersion. Audit findings: In 2020, Jamie Leite conducted research to see how the DLI program was doing in PCSD. Some results: Teachers are looking for more support from the district and state. It’s important for teachers and administrators to attend AUDII. Some parent concerns are with student transition to middle school and high school DLI programs. Parents of DLI students are very active in the program. Jamie met with the state to make recommendations: Hire a half-time DLI coach, provide DLI PD, focus on HS by hiring a quality full-time DLI teacher, add more middle school classes, communicate with parents through strategic use of Zoom, survey teachers to find out specific DLI materials they want, create school target language library, allow DLI classes to do one 30-minute push-in intervention and one 30-minute pull-out intervention, consider finding a way to create smaller class sizes in lower grades. Accommodations: Continue the 50/50 state DLI model; continue investing in hiring and supporting high quality teachers; continue taking more district ownership of the DLI program as state support decreases; continue involving parents in the program; continue focus on DLI curriculum, teacher collaboration, and supportive school administration; continue working to unite the DLI and traditional pathways within a school; continue providing DLI assistant to lower-grade DLI teachers and providing subs to help DLI teachers with SEPs and one-to-one assessments.
    • EL: Title III – Michelle Eldredge District Website: Title III – Language Learner and Immigrant Students/Alternative Language Services – Currently revising Title III website. Funding from federal and also EARS from state: not enough money for needs. We have been focusing on a clean-up of OCR. The biggest problem we still have is teacher implementation. Teachers still feel someone else would be teaching new-to-the-country students. New students are low and are remaining low. There are things that need to be done for these students because it is the right thing to do. We have a structured program in place, but the problem is what’s happening in the actual classroom. We are going to replicate last year’s audit in secondary as a program evaluation to help us move a little bit better. Todd McKee: It seems we need to reestablish the EL admin meetings to address the disconnect. Michelle Eldredge: We also need to ensure the ACCESS testing is happening correctly so that our data is accurate. Title III Regulations/Targets: Every teacher must receive yearly ongoing PD for EL students, highly-qualified teachers are responsible for the instruction of EL students, and EL students must be correctly identified.
  4. Curriculum Review Cycle Updates next meeting
  5. PD Day Review – Karen Brock Review of PD Survey: We had about 515 survey results out of 870 teachers. Overall feedback was positive. The PEA Committee met with Karen and suggested PD day be a work day. It is recognized that teachers need more time, but PD day is set up specifically for PD. Teachers are requesting lunch be provided and less travel between schools required.
  6. School-level PD Courses – Karen Brock next meeting
  7. Policy updates: 4020, 4021, 7140 – Anne-Marie Harrison next meeting
  8. Planning for next meeting on Nov. 20 – Anne-Marie Harrison Academic Initiatives Reports: PLCs (definition, purpose, processes, types): Todd and Alex Extended-day and Extended-year programs: Doug and Charity From today: Committee reports, AM + From today: Policy updates, AM From today: Karen, School PD courses

Next meeting November 20, 2022


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