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In attendance: Suzy Cox, Anne-Marie Harrison, Alex Judd, Jason Cox, Ron Twitchell, Todd McKee, Doug Finch, Jason Benson, Judy Rose, Michelle Eldredge, Karen Brock, Charity Williams, and Kerry Crockett

1 PD Course Credit Requests: Karen Brock


2 Secondary Course Credit Requests: Todd McKee


3 Full-Day Kindergarten Plan: Alex Judd 10 min

We are offering only full day kindergarten. The sample schedule is set up with most content introduced and taught in the morning with the afternoon being small groups and reteaching of concepts. Those opting for half-day will be encouraged to attend in the morning and are able to leave at the lunch break.

4 CSI Plans and Needs: Michelle Eldredge & Jason Benson 20 min

Discussion of how to support Franklin Elementary’s CSI needs and goals. Catapult Learning conducted a 2-day comprehensive CNA/RNA of Franklin Elementary on February 13 and 14, 2023. This consisted of faculty and staff interviews, parent and student focus groups, and classroom observations. Franklin Elementary participated in the CALL survey on January 13, 2023 with 37 faculty and staff members participating. Findings from survey: Highlights are school leadership, district support, and tier 2 instruction. Needs are: teacher turnover, high expectations for academic achievement, curriculum and standards, low academic proficiency for ELLs and female students, and disruptive classroom behavior. With the findings, a school improvement plan is necessary and due by May. Ideas for improvement plan: recruit and retain teachers; increase expectations for academic achievement with Leader in Me program, and differentiation and scaffolding; in curriculum and standards provide teachers with time and training to become familiar with grade level standards and curriculum, build teacher capacity through PD on using assessment data effectively, and narrow down the district and state assessments; increase academic proficiency by providing SIOP and PD on meeting the needs of ELLs, hiring paraprofessionals to provide Tier 2 math interventions, and motivate; decrease disruptive classroom behavior by providing PD on effective classroom management, clarify and continue to implement PBIS, and hire a full-time Student Success Coach.

5 Innovative Learning Division Issues: Suzy Cox 30 min

Tech Steering Committee proposal- met on Wednesday. 1. Right now there is a moratorium for tech to not do updates during testing. The tech department needs to make critical updates, but it can affect testing in that it won’t run. Ron’s concern is that the firewall will not allow RISE testing. Ron requests that he and Chad sit down and map out the complications that will come up and how to remedy these immediately. We need to communicate to principals and testing coordinators to be ready for these possible complications with testing. 2. Due to impending limitations to file storage in Google Workspace, the Tech Steering Committee recommends upgrading to the Google Workspace plus. 3. The Tech Steering Committee recommends that Innovative Learning and the Tech Department work together to create a process for requesting apps/software that induces at least: data privacy review, district rostering to ensure data security and compliance, comparison to limit duplicate functionality, strong instructional need, and accessibility. This process will apply to apps/software purchased at the school level or higher. CMS concerns/proposal 4. The Tech Steering Committee reviewed the following from Centennial Middle School: a. Proposal to return to Chromebook carts instead of 1:1 Chromebooks. PTA survey data of approximately 151 parents, and teacher survey data of 42 teachers. ⅔ of Centennial teachers prefer to maintain the 1:1 Chromebook program. The majority of parents surveyed indicated that they either want Chromebooks sent home (43.5%) or have no preference (14.7%). Prioritization of teacher training and citizenship instruction must come from district and school leadership. We propose a community series beginning Fall 2023 to address parenting in the digital age. We recommend that Centennial maintain and improve their opt-out system. From a feasibility standpoint, it is unlikely that the Tech Department will be able to get the carts and equipment to switch to classroom carts on time for a Fall start. The move to classroom carts would be $100,000-$230,000, with an additional $11,000-$40,000 cost per year after that. Additionally, the tech department will need additional staff to maintain classroom carts. Discussion suggests moving forward with beefing up the opt out and monitoring next year to see what to do moving forward. We need to better equip teachers and parents to understand the proper use of Chromebooks.

6 Planning for upcoming meetings: Anne-Marie Harrison 5 min

May 8?, June 5 canceled, summer months?