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Thank you everyone, for your ongoing support of the district’s energy program. As a reminder, the summer shutdown is the #1 energy cost savings for the district. Please remember to turn off, shut down, and unplug all electronic devices (except network equipment such as servers and switches) for the summer. Summer school sessions and summer meal programs may be scheduled, so do the best you can.

Summer Shutdown Flier

Download Summer Shutdown Flier

Whether your summer will involve traveling, an extensive to-do list, or just taking a deep breath, we hope you’ll enjoy some much-deserved rest and relaxation. This shutdown period is an essential time for our energy program — now’s the chance for you to do your part to conserve and help save money! As you prepare for summer break, take a few minutes to ready your area for this vital shutdown. Remember, every dollar saved on energy is a dollar saved for education.

Do your part to support and fully participate in the energy conservation program. Before the break:

  • Set local thermostats to 85 degrees
  • Close all windows and blinds
  • Please leave personal refrigerators empty, unplugged and doors propped open
  • Turn off and unplug all devices including TVs, DVD players, projectors, audio systems, document cameras, computers, printers, etc.

Energy Conservation Inquiries:

  • Mitch Swenson
  • Phone: 801-370-4652
  • Email:

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