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Receive an 8-hour asynchronous training program to complete before the April 3rd Zoom session. Engage in the afternoon of live, online training & demonstration of the case method teaching approach with Dr. Moss. Receive a full curriculum of Harvard cases free of cost from the “History of American Democracy” course. Receive your professional development certificate from the Case Method Institute of Harvard.


  • Teach at least one case method in your classes during 2021 (this year, if possible, or next fall)
  • Participate in one community case discussion with LWV-SL by June 2022

REGISTRATION PROCESS: No later than 11:59 pm on Saturday, March 6, please be sure to email with your name, phone number, & school affiliation (include teaching assignment). You will then receive a registration link.

The Case Method Institute will contact you some time by phone to:

  1. introduce you to the program
  2. confirm you will implement the case method in your high school

UCTM is proud to announce it's 2nd Annual Materials Grant! In 2023, we funded over $18,000 worth...