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Receive an 8-hour asynchronous training program to complete before the April 3rd Zoom session. Engage in the afternoon of live, online training & demonstration of the case method teaching approach with Dr. Moss. Receive a full curriculum of Harvard cases free of cost from the “History of American Democracy” course. Receive your professional development certificate from the Case Method Institute of Harvard.


  • Teach at least one case method in your classes during 2021 (this year, if possible, or next fall)
  • Participate in one community case discussion with LWV-SL by June 2022

REGISTRATION PROCESS: No later than 11:59 pm on Saturday, March 6, please be sure to email with your name, phone number, & school affiliation (include teaching assignment). You will then receive a registration link.

The Case Method Institute will contact you some time by phone to:

  1. introduce you to the program
  2. confirm you will implement the case method in your high school

For: Elementary Educators that are graduates of BYU Arts Partnership Arts Leadership Academy and/or...

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