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As we approach the Thanksgiving Holiday, let’s stop and remember all we have to be grateful for. Small or large, we have much to be thankful for.

To help us bring gratitude into our lives, I have attached a 4 days Gratitude Challenge. Do it with your friends and family. After the four days see how it makes you feel. Gratitude research has repeatedly shown that thankful people have higher energy levels, are more relaxed, are happier and healthier.

Happiness begins with Gratitude.

Wellness note*

  1. Don’t forget to log your steps into Virgin Pulse. This is the last week for the Appalachian Trail Challenge.
  2. If you have not done the Health Check in Virgin Pulse, take 5 minutes and complete it. It is located under the health icon.
  3. 1st half of the Wellness program ends November 30. Make sure you have all the tasks completed.

Have a happy and healthy Thanksgiving Holiday!


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