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Why Your Annual Health Check Matters

Visiting your medical provider when you’re sick and in need of immediate care is an easy choice. When it comes to annual health checks, life can get hectic and seeing your provider when you’re feeling fine can be easy to put off for another time. But getting in to see a provider is easier than you might think and just might be the difference in the quality of your overall health.

Quick Facts:

  • The District’s health plan covers the full cost of these annual health checks.
  • Regular annual health exams help you fight illnesses and live longer.
  • Important screenings conducted during your visit can detect underlying health conditions and diseases, helping to catch these illnesses early.
  • Your primary care provider will determine which screenings you need based on your personal and family health history, your age, and other factors like a problem detected during the physical exam portion of your appointment.

These appointments help you take control of your health and healthcare.  This is your chance to address concerns you have that may not be detected through a physical exam or review of your health history.

At your appointment, take the opportunity to discuss health concerns like:

  • Recurring headaches
  • Increased heartburn
  • Changes in your skin
  • Weight fluctuations
  • Blood pressure concerns

Health checks are also an excellent time to start getting help with mental health concerns like anxiety or depression. Primary care providers can refer you to a mental health professional for further diagnosis and can work with that professional to provide treatment.

A Good Relationship With Your Provider Makes a Difference

  • Patients with active relationships to their primary care providers experience a 40% lower rate of emergency room visits and are 33% less likely to be admitted to the hospital.
  • When patients do need enhanced medical services, they have better results because their providers are more knowledgeable on their health history.
  •  Critical health conditions are less likely to be a surprise to responding physicians, leading to much improved outcomes.

Are you ready to take control of your healthcare and increase your quality of life and life expectancy? Schedule your annual Health Check appointment with a SelectHealth Share provider today.