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Did you know you can access information regarding your dental and vision benefits from your mobile phone just by downloading an app? Use the EMI Health Mobile App to see your dental and vision benefits anytime, anywhere! The EMI Health Mobile App is the one-stop place to find information on your dental and vision benefits when it’s convenient for you. Use your My EMI Health username and password to sign in and access all of the features the EMI Health Mobile App has to offer, including:

  • Provider search – find in-network providers and facilities
  • ID cards- Pull ID cards, EOBs, and Plan Information – no need to carry around an ID card in your wallet when you can have it on your phone!
  • View your benefits- view your EOBs and see your benefit information at any time.
  • Customer service – need to speak to someone about your benefits? No problem! Call EMI Health directly from the app.
  • Profile access- change your e-mail address, password or security questions for your My EMI Health login directly from the mobile app.

Scan the QR code on the attached PDF with your phone to download automatically, or search for EMI Health in the App Store or Google Play. View EMI Mobile App PDF.

If you have any questions, please call Benefits at (801) 374-4879.


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