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November 15, 2017 has been designated as the Education Support Professionals Day. The Superintendent and District Leadership would like to take this opportunity to join the Governor and Provo City School Board in recognizing our Education Support Professionals for their work with the students of Provo. These employees fill many roles throughout the District. Some of their jobs include Bus Diver and Bus Aides in transportation; Managers and Cooks in child nutrition; Custodians and Student Sweepers in custodial services; Grounds Crew and Maintenance Workers; Secretaries and Instructional Assistants, to name a few. These employees are often behind the scenes and sometimes not recognized for the importance of their work in keeping the District running from day to day. Our schools could not function without them. We appreciate their kindness, hard work and their dedication to helping faculty members in providing a quality education for the students of Provo.