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Attached is a letter from the PESP Executive Board to all ESPs.

Dear Education Support Professionals,

Education Support Professionals typically go out of their way daily to make each student’s experience a success.

Isn’t it nice to come to work in a building that is heated and cooled to a comfortable temperature? For me, there is nothing I love seeing more in the morning than a clean shinning floor. When we have maintenance issues, we have qualified employees that can solve our problems. When students are struggling, they have principals, counselors, teachers, aids, librarians, trackers, bus drivers, and secretaries that can help them. When students are being raised in financially stressed homes, they can come to school knowing 2 meals will be served to them. When computers are not working, we have techs that can fix anything. And thankfully, we have co-workers that we can lean on for advice. How valuable we are to each other. How valuable we are to the students that will take the life skills we all teach them into their future. When we really understand how much we mean to each other, it adds joy and satisfaction to our lives. I am delighted to tell you that the Provo City School Board, Provo City School District, and Provo Education Support Employee’s Association will be sending each of you a token of our appreciation for your hard work and dedication. We value you and hope your year is awesome.

ESP Appreciation Letter Document