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Another year has passed since our last ESP Appreciation Day. You may remember the great video that was sent through the District showing how you touch the lives of the students you serve? It was very moving. We all recognize a teacher’s potential influence on the students they teach, but do we really recognize our contribution to their development?

As a child, I remember going to a private school in Virginia. I was happy and had friends there. On the last day of school, at the end of the day, it hit me suddenly that we were going to move back to California. I became very upset and started to cry. I was about to leave a happy place and all my friends to go to an unfamiliar place with no friends to start a new life. This was the last day with my friends and the games we played at recess were now over. As I cried, a cook sat down and took me in her arms and rocked me. Her compassion for my young broken heart has never been forgotten.

We all have that type of opportunity to touch the lives of students in a profound way for good. Many of us do everyday. We aren’t just what we do for a living, we are that and more. For these students, we bring order, working facilities, rides, nutritious meals, help in learning, clean buildings, computer access, health care, schedule changes, libraries, structure, codes of behavior, consequences for poor choices, encouragement, fun, and most of all, we bring love. All of these are practical life skills that teach them what is necessary for their children to succeed.

So the next time you reflect on what you contribute to the future, know that you do make a huge difference and will be remembered by the students you serve. I know because I still remember a cook that took the time to care about me.

Our ESP Appreciation Day will be celebrated at our Appreciation Banquet this spring. We hope to see you there!

Belinda Robinson PESP President

ESP Banquet Flier