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Sept 20th, 2021

Welcome Phenomena: The sound wave phones were introduced along with the Kindergarten know, question, wonder 3 part diagram. Teachers were asked to observe and play with the sound wave phones to determine their use and function. (Modeling of a phenomena used in a classroom.)

Committee Structure & Business Items Teachers were informed who’s on the DSC, when the DSC meets, compensation and requirements for serving on the DSC.

Curriculum Cycle Review Policy 4020: Information was shared regarding policy 4020, the notes compiled by Suraj, Karen and Amy in the first of year meeting with Anne-Marie were shared per AM’s direction. Teachers were reminded that we are on year three of the curriculum cycle which includes Professional Development and implementation of supplies. — expectation of rigor, content, equal access, keeping teachers current, and no teacher should have to develop curriculum. Jigsaw: Heidi Isaacson completed a jigsaw with the teachers regarding policy 4020. Teachers answered questions regarding curriculum development, Criteria for selection of materials, steps in phase 1 & 2 and the steps in a curriculum adoption process.

Would you rather activity/break for teachers to get to know one another and provide an opportunity for professional support.

Access to materials: teachers were informed where to access their curriculum materials. (links provided)

4th and 5th grade teachers will attend training on Oct 19th, and receive their science kits. K-3rd will be offered an optional training to receive their kit (Judy Rose directive).

Secondary Teachers (High School) will attend trainings throughout the year(Karen Brock PD directive), PLC teams are to vote on their preferred dates of PD trainings: Complete Survey: PD ½ Day Training Preferences: .

PD Trainings

  • Elementary To Do: Teachers were asked to Assist with Supply Lists, Phenomena List, Teacher Manuals: Sign up:
  • Secondary To Do USBE Assessments found in the core guides: 3D GRC Storylines

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