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Provo City School District has formed a Salary Study Committee to begin to look at the certified salary schedule and teacher salaries in the district. This committee has met twice. Included in this post, you will see the minutes from the first two meetings. Please understand that this committee is in the very early stages of this process and is gathering as much information as possible. The committee will provide monthly updates about committee meetings. In the near future, you will also see educational information regarding salaries and benefits. If you have any questions about your salaries or benefits, please reach out to the district’s HR department.


The purpose of the committee is to study the current teacher salary and compensation package in comparison to other districts in the state which have increased salaries and to neighboring districts and recommend necessary changes to remain competitive. The compensation package includes benefits, etc.


  1. Study teacher salaries in comparable school Districts and the entire compensation package to determine greatest needs.
  2. Meet or exceed current entry-level teacher salaries at similar districts and state averages.
  3. Evaluate long-term teacher salaries and compensation of all employees on the teacher salary schedule.

The Committee discussed addressing reasons people are leaving besides just salary, compensation for highly impacted schools, overall cost of compensation package and what it would take to make everyone feel compensated and competitive.

The Committee will initially meet once a month and will add additional dates as needed.

9/28 /2017

The group discussed the three types of salary schedules provided at the previous meeting:

Current Schedule

  • The 12% step increases at steps 3 and 6 were placed in the schedule in an effort to increase retention and recognize passing provisional status – it was noted that retention has not increased, likely due to our demographics.
  • Lane differences: some lanes have larger increases, typically because a degree is required. Other lane changes only requiring skills/experience/additional credits have less pay increases.
  • The current schedule was designed to reward for “true” professional development.
  • Steps were added in order to give some type of increase (when no COLA) to aid with increasing cost of medical benefits.

Single Lane Schedule

  • One lane, steps are used to place positions with more education of degrees.
  • Fixed increment between steps means easier budgeting. Increment STAYS fixed.
  • Educating employees will take time and must be done EARLY and OFTEN.

Condensed Schedule

  • Plateaus may not be favorable
  • Pro of the plateau is earnings come earlier
  • Less lanes are cleaner and easier to understand.

In General

  • The Committee needs to compare lifetime earnings of any new schedule to current schedule.
  • The Committee needs to use PER DIEM rates when comparing with other districts (ensure PD days and legislative money are treated the same, and the number of contract days is considered).
  • Discussion ensued regarding providing all/too much of the funds to first few years when turnover is so high.
    • Need to balance with need to get people to come to PCSD.
  • Legislation may impact this committee’s direction.
  • Some Discussion of performance/incentives for high performers?
    • Consistent evaluation process first
    • Tie to student outcomes
    • What defines performance?
    • How to reward those that do heavy lifting: attend meetings, participate in committees, etc.

For next meeting

Prepare to discuss:

  • Which is schedule is preferred?
  • What starting salary would be competitive yet reasonable?
  • Discuss the number of contract days to support increased salaries
  • Thought’s on PCSD leaves vs. other Districts

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