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District Academic Committees met on 11/18/2019

District Math Committee

The Elementary Math Committee continued the work of recommending a math curriculum for adoption by the end of this year. Phase One of the curriculum review cycle concluded with an examination of district wide proficiency levels by grade since 2015 from SAGE and RISE scores. The review of this data led to a discussion of the importance of a standard district wide curriculum, formative and interim assessments, and ongoing professional development. Phase Two of the curriculum review cycle was introduced, and a detailed timeline for completing each step was planned for. The DMC will be working through the month of December to draft an RFP (Request for Proposal) which will lead to a materials review over the next few months and ultimately the selection of a K – 6 math program.

The Secondary Math Committee reviewed the Math Pathways document that will be used with counselors and parents throughout the district when making scheduling decisions. There was discussion regarding the timeline for the K-6 adoption process and our involvement in that process. The committee also discussed how to proceed with the purchase of Big Ideas math curriculum for 7th and 8th grade and the various elements that need to be considered to help the transition to this program.

District Science Committee

The Science Committee has welcomed the input from members of the local science committee as we plan for SEEd in our district. Dr. Daniel Horns, the Dean of the School of Science at Utah Valley University, spoke with our committee about the knowledge, skills, and dispositions that students need to be successful in post their post high school experience. He focused on cross cutting concepts and science practices. The Utah State Board of Education Secondary Science Specialist, Ricky Scott, shared the importance of teaching using the 3D model which includes cross cutting concepts, disciplinary core ideas, and science and engineering practices. Mr. Scott also said that science teaching should be phenomena based. The Science Committee has reviewed recent assessment data and created a survey instrument for gathering more information from our schools. We will continue the work by creating an RFP next month.

District Social Studies Committee

The District Social Studies Committee is making great progress in aligning with Utah Core Standards, creating a student profile, updating and improving the curriculum notebook. They are also creating a plan for continuing professional development for teachers with the recently adopted McGraw-Hill curriculum.


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