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Inspire fun and creative expression while raising awareness of the need for social distance. Establish community partnerships that promote COVID social distancing awareness.

COVID Social Distancing Art Contest Flyer


  • **Extended October 21** October 8-14 Art teachers may register for the art contest by contacting the district Communications Department. or
  • October 8-14 $100 art supply budget is given to each participating school when registered. This budget may be used however the art teacher feels would best serve their students.
  • **Extended November 16** Nov 9 Art must be displayed at schools by November 9. Let the Communications Department know when your art is on display and we will come to you to take pictures, judge and hang ribbons.
  • Nov 10-16 District level winners will be chosen
  • Nov 16 Art winners announced on Facebook LIVE
  • Nov 18 Winners’ art is printed out on posters and displayed around schools


Art Prompts: Students will be asked to create artwork that promotes social distancing. The artwork can be done in any medium that the art teacher chooses but it is important to note that we will need to be able to create posters out of the winning entrees.

Below are the art prompts and categories for each grade.

Grades K-2 Art prompt What does social distancing look like?

Grades 3-4 Art prompt How should we socially distance?

Grades 5-6 and Secondary Art prompt Why should we socially distance?

Budget: Art teachers who choose to register their school for this contest will receive an art supply budget of $100 (per school) to purchase whatever art supplies they feel will best serve their students on this project.

Winners: 3 Winners from each school will be awarded a ribbon for first, second, and third place for each grade level. 3 Winners will also be chosen from a district level. The top 3 winners for the district will have their artwork printed on posters and displayed at various schools and buildings within the community.

Judging: The district Communication Department will judge the entries on the following criteria:

  • Use of space
  • Balance
  • Colors
  • Originality
  • Overall Presentation
  • The socially distancing message and its clarity
  • How well it can be copied/reproduced onto a poster for display at multiple locations