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A summary of the recent committee meetings.

Elementary Literacy Committee:

  • Reviewed Early Literacy Plan Goals
  • Wonders District Unit Assessments Update:
    • All students are expected to take the assessments including ELL and Students with IEPs (follow testing accomodations).
    • There will be a Unit 5 and a Unit 6 Assessment
    • Assessment Blueprints are located in the Curriculum Notebook under “Assessments” and “Wonders.”
  • We reviewed Literary Resources in Curriculum Notebook
  • Early Intervention Software Programs that are available for next year: Imagine Learning, iReady, Lexia and Waterford.

Secondary Literacy Committee:

  • This month in the Secondary Literacy Committee meeting, we updated the list of English electives classes for our curriculum notebooks and got to see a sneak peak of version 2.0.
  • We also talked about common assessments and the new platforms for end-of-year testing.
    • Teachers need to introduce students to the sample test questions so they can feel comfortable navigating the test.

Social Studies Committee:

  • The Social Studies Committee reviewed textbooks for possible adoption.

Science Committee:

  • We reviewed the curriculum adoption policy and came up with a plan to develop a student profile.

Elementary Math Committee:

  • The Elementary Math Committee reviewed the MTSS model to clarify the definition and purpose of Tier 2 instruction.
  • The primary focus of the committee was to access and evaluate the Tier 2 resources that are available on the GoMath Think Central and myHRW platforms.
  • The structure for Tier 2 identification and implementation as outlined in GoMath was presented, and available resources for K – 6 were considered.
  • Specifically, Response to Intervention, Strategic Intervention, Intensive Intervention, Differentiated Instruction, and Prerequisite Skills were accessed and discussed.
  • All of these resources are available via the online platforms, and Math Committee members will be investigating which resources teachers also have in a printed format.

Secondary Math Committee:

  • Big Ideas Conference opportunity for teachers teaching Math I, II, or III March 6 T&L covering up to 10 subs.
  • Reviewed a Learning Walk form for Formative Assessment and discussed the opportunity to have all math teachers utilize the form for 2 LW and 2 VR for a $100 stipend.
  • Schools will discuss PD needs with their teams and send a proposal by March 15.
    • This proposal will be aggregated to a district secondary math proposal and for PD for 2018-2019 summer and for the 2019-2020 school year.