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District World Language

In the DWLC meeting of October 11 the committee:

  • Discussed the difference between performance and proficiency when learning a language
  • Reviewed the ACTFL Proficiency Levels
  • Analyzed the State DLI proficiency and performance levels
  •  Analyzed the current Provo City School District World Language Proficiency Standards / Proficiency Map
  • Worked on updating the PCSD World Language Proficiency Standards and creating a document that includes the expected levels for all languages currently taught in the district (Chinese, French, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, and ASL)

District Science Committee

On October 11th the District Science Committee met together to finish some final tasks to prepare SEEd Storylines Science Curriculum. Teachers entered and found a table with various task/to do cards. They were asked to select one task card to work on during the meeting. Tasks ranged from putting together a teacher manual, listing phenomena, to reviewing a Science Storyline. Teachers also put together the 4th and 5th grade Science kit lids, adding QR codes for easy access to curriculum resources. Thank you teachers for all your work and creativity!

District Literacy Committee 

DLC Meeting Recap

Thank you to all who filled out our Elementary and Secondary Literacy survey. The committee reviewed the results of the survey as part of our curriculum review cycle.

State Updates

ELA standards are currently being rewritten. It is anticipated that they will go to the USBE for review in December. The main goals of the update are to reduce, simplify, and clarify the standards. Some of the significant changes include adding advanced phonological awareness standards to grades 2 and 3, and banding grades 7-8 (much like 9-10, 11-12).

New Competency Literacy Endorsements available now.

Teachers using SHMOOP for ACT practice. The student password for this year is FLATTOP (all CAPS!). This password can be used at on the SHMOOP website here.

Scrible was renewed for all Utah K-12 teachers. To learn more about this program, visit a past training. Visit Scrible website here.