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District World Language Committee Meeting Report

The DWLC met on Monday, March 21, 2022, and reviewed AAPPL district-wide assessment results. The committee also talked about the possibility and benefit of developing a common assessment for the world languages.

District Science Committee Meeting Report

The DSC met on March 21st. The discussion started with teachers coming up with a bucket list of what they wish to accomplish before the end of the school year. Teachers listed their bucket list items on a paper and shared with the team. Teachers were updated on the bucket list items for the DSC, mainly: Elementary: Training for all teachers, supply kits ordered/delivered, 100% of teachers have taught a unit/storyline in Science.

Secondary Pacing Guides/Lesson Plans/ 100% of teachers have taught a unit/storyline in Science.

A discussion of coaching was then presented by Karen Brock. Teachers were divided into Elementary and Secondary groups and discussed coaching. A list of resources for moving forward with Science was provided to teachers.

District Literacy Committee Meeting Report

At the March 21st meeting, the DLC reviewed the draft of the new state ELA standards in preparation for reviewing materials for Elementary Literacy Curriculum adoption.