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Listed below are the 4 components that should be included in each Audio Enhancement sound system. There are also useful tips to review to determine whether a system is broken or if it can be spared with some TLC. Review the possible typical issues before submitting materials for repair. If there are any questions contact Krystine Swartzwelder (contact information listed below).

  1. Amplifier box
  2. Speakers (in ceiling)
  3. Infrared Receiver (in ceiling)
  4. Microphone and charging adapter

The first three components rarely have any problems. Most of the time it is the microphone.

Problem #1 – Mini USB cable plugs into a port on the microphone. There is a triangle on the cable and the microphone to match up so as to plug in correctly. One of the most common mistakes people make is forcing the charger in upside down. When that happens, not only will it not charge the battery but it also causes the circuit board to break and has to be repaired.

Problem #2 – Over time the charge jack can also come loose and may need to be re-soldered.

Problem #3 – Batteries were replaced with alkaline batteries instead of rechargeable ones. You can use alkaline batteries BUT — if you attempt to charge your microphone with alkaline batteries in it, your microphone will be ruined.

Once you have determined that your microphone (or any other part) will need to be sent in for repair, have your secretary fill out an RMA Request form. Once the request is submitted, Audio Enhancement will create an RMA and contact you by email with further instructions on returning your equipment for repair.

For a list of equipment eligible for repair:  Audio Enhancement website

RMA request form from Audio Enhancement


  • Go to Audio Enhancement Support Center and chat with a representative
  • Or contact Krystine Swartzwelder Krystine Swartzwelder | Inside Sales Audio Enhancement, Inc. Phone: 800.383.9362 Support: 800.932.3578 Krystine.Swartzwelder@audioenh