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This week, T-Mobile has sent out text messages about a phone number stealing scam. This warning is real. Attackers have been using MetroPCS and other carriers to take over phone numbers.

They start by creating a new account with another carrier and claiming a victim’s phone number as their own. The new account attempts to “port” that number to the new account, and if there are no protections on that account, Voila! number stolen.

What you can do:

  • Some carriers have a “Port Validation” pin/password option with other carriers using specific account info for verification. This requires a specific set of information more than account passwords to move a phone number to a new cell phone/carrier.
  • In addition to Port Validation, you can set up 2 Factor Authentication (Using an Authenticator app, not your phone) and make sure you have security questions set up.
  • We encourage you to go to your carrier’s support or webpage and look for their recommendations.

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