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Generic Drugs vs Brand Name Drugs

On average, Generic Drugs will be 60% cheaper than their Brand Name counterparts. Generic Drugs have the same active ingredient, dosage, and route of administration as Brand Name Drugs, however the inactive ingredients may vary. Generics are just as safe and effective as their Brand Name counterparts. Many of the popular Brand Name drugs advertised have a Generic alternative available.

Find out if there is a Generic Medication available for any Brand Name drug you currently take. Your doctor may not always prescribe the generic, even if it’s available. Always do your research and talk to your doctor about your options!

Preventive Medications for High Deductible Health Plan

If you enrolled on the HDHP medical plan with PCSD, there is a list of preventive medications that may be prescribed to treat common, chronic, conditions. These prescriptions are NOT subject to first meeting your medical deductible – they are available at the $7, $21 or $42 copay, up front. Even if you just pay a copay, the PCSD plan picks up the rest!

Shop Pharmacies – GoodRx

You may be surprised to find that prescription drugs can vary in cost from one pharmacy to the next. Walmart, Costco and Shopko are typically good low cost options. GoodRx is a tool that can help you find the lowest cost pharmacy for your drug on a cash pay basis. You can access GoodRx through their app or through their website: www.goodrx.com Please note that prices may differ when you pay using your insurance. Use your insurance card if you want the price paid to apply to your deductible.

90 Mail Order

Many medications are available to be shipped to your home in a 90-day supply for cheaper than you would pay filling a script every month. Register with Select Health at: intermountainrx.org first, then talk to your provider about ePrescribing your drug. Save yourself money, hassle, and time using the Mail Order Program!

Expensive Medications – Rx Help Centers

Rx Help Centers is an advocacy group that provides prescription drug concierge services. If you are paying more than $75 a month for prescription medications, Rx Help Centers may be able to help you obtain the drug at a lower cost or at no cost, for a monthly fee of $50. Rx Help Centers obtains medications directly from drug manufacturers at low costs through accessing Patient Advocacy Programs (PAPs), charitable funding, grand programs, and wholesale purchasing.
Please note, no out of pocket cost will apply toward your deductible if you use Rx Help Centers, however, the potential cost savings could be significant! Many drugs are covered in full using this program. If you are taking expensive medications, reach out to Rx Help Centers today!

Need More Information?

Visit the SelectHealth Rx Website:

selecthealth.org/pharmacyresources or intermountainrx.org

Visit the Rx Help Centers Website Call in to SelectHealth Rx Member Services, available 24/7 at 800.538.5038 or 855.779.3960

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