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One of the most valuable things you have in your life is your health, so it’s important to take care of it. Medical, dental, and vision preventive exams can catch possible conditions or issues in the early stage so you can begin to take the steps to treat or prevent the problem. By taking advantage of the preventive care benefits that are available to you through the Provo City School District’s benefit plans, you are taking the steps to ensure you are living your healthiest life.

Some examples of preventive care services include:

  • Annual physicals performed by your primary care physician
  • Well child check-ups
  • Certain immunizations, including an annual flu shot
  • One annual eye exam performed by an in-network ophthalmologist
  • Dental exams and bitewing x-rays (twice per year)
  • Certain contraceptive medications and devices

Preventive care services are subject to change at any time. To verify if a service is considered preventive care, please call the Member Services team at the respective carrier. The contact information will be listed on the back of your insurance card.

If you have any questions regarding your benefits, please call Benefits at (801) 374-4879.