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District Science Committee Meeting Report

The DSC met on April 18, 2022. We discussed successes and accomplishments from the year. The members of the DSC were given a survey to complete with their schools, the survey results will be reviewed to determine any next steps.

District Literacy Committee Meeting Report

These are the main discussion points from the April 18th DLC Meeting:

  • Education legislation passed during the 2022 session, specifically SB127- Early Literacy Outcomes HB374
  • Sensitive Materials in Schools.
  • Reviewed mid-year state and district Acadience data.
  • ELA Standards- Open for public comment until June.
  • Discussion of the next steps in the Curriculum Materials review process
  • Reviewed the demographics of the district in preparation for reviewing the materials.

District World Language Committee Meeting Report

On April 18th, 2022, the DWLC prepared the Phase 1 Summary Document for the World Languages and the DLI classes. The document describes the findings about the current curriculum notebooks and the recommendations the committee is making to the district.