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What can I expect in participating in LETRS for Administrators?

Over the next two years, there will be offerings of 2 full days of professional learning along with online coursework which takes approximately 10-16 hours to complete. As a principal, you can decide if you want to complete 1/2 (1 day of online PD and 5-8 hours) this year and 1/2 next year, wait until the summer, do it all this fall, etc. The completion of the online content and in-person sessions (which are still online this year) can be done in any order over the 2 years to provide greater flexibility. All administrators should have received the book and the login for Voyager Sopris LETRS Admin. There is an online component that accompanies the reading and should be completed before you attend the course. There are several dates (from the state) to choose from for the (online this year) Admin course.

What will I learn in the LETRS for Administrators Sessions?

LETRS for Administrators is a course of study that combines A Principal’s Primer for Raising Reading Achievement with an online component and 2 days of face-to-face professional learning to help instructional leaders create the systems and structures needed to improve overall literacy instruction. LETRS for Administrators helps literacy leaders:

  • Create efficient methods of analyzing student data 
  • Establish effective instructional blocks in literacy
  • Examine resources for all tiers of instruction
  • Support their LETRS professional learning participants by providing an overview of all 8 units of LETRS, data and accountability tools, and resources for supporting literacy improvement in your school.

A Principal’s Primer for Raising Reading Achievement is a how-to manual for principals who want to improve the overall reading performance of an elementary school population. It explains in very practical terms exactly how a principal can lead a school-wide implementation of research-based, multi-tiered reading instruction.

A Principal’s Primer for Raising Reading Achievement

  • Chapter 1: What Does Science Say About Teaching Reading? 
  • Chapter 2: How to Get Started 
  • Chapter 3: Develop A Comprehensive Assessment Plan 
  • Chapter 4: Materials Selection in Year One 
  • Chapter 5: Professional Development in Year One 
  • Chapter 6: Implementing Instruction With New Materials in Year One 
  • Chapter 7: School Organization and Funding 
  • Chapter 8: Refining the Reading Initiative in Year Two 
  • Chapter 9: Solidifying the Reading Initiative in Year Three and Beyond

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