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Do you love to do recreational activities such as cross-country skiing, bowling, shoot archery or fishing? So do we!

We are the Lifetime Activities P.E. class at Provo High School. Our class includes many different types of students with all kinds of abilities and disabilities. What have in common is that we all like to learn fun activities to do with friends and family. Having these interests in common helps us to learn how to play recreational activities and sports after our high school years and to stay physically and mentally fit.

Coach Teri Davis and Coach Colleen Hawkins co-teach our class so we can have the best of both worlds, Special Education P.E. and General Education P.E. We have been doing this program for 2 years, ironing out the small kinks and perfecting a beautiful learning program for all students. Our goal is to provide an inclusion program for all students whether they may speak a different language, have a specific disability or may need a friend. Our students get to cross- country ski, fish, shoot archery, go bowling, golf at the golf course, weight lift, snowshoe out on the back field, play horseshoes and experience giant beach volleyball.

By writing some grants to help support our program, we were able to add fishing to our curriculum last year (grants from the Department of Wildlife Resources and Cabela’s), as well as archery (Grant from Bass Pro Shops/Cabela’s corporate office). It has been well worth it to see student achievement increase, social interaction increase, attitudes change and pure happiness on many faces involved. These companies and agencies were very generous in their donations to help our program get started.

We want to thank everyone involved teachers, administrators, custodians, businesses, transportation, administrative assistants, and classroom aids! It takes everyone’s effort to make a difference for all students. We do it because it is the PROVO WAY!