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We are on the second half of our Wellness Journey.  You only have a few tasks to complete on your way to being rewarded.  

  • Complete 1 journey in Virgin Pulse
    • This is 1 journey for the full Wellness Year
    • If you have not started or complete a Journey you have time to do it.
    • Remember you will receive $5 for starting a journey and $5 for completing a journey
    • District wide journey will start February 13-24. More details to come
  • Activity Campaign
    • You only need to do 2 activity campaign for the full Wellness Year
    • Mindful exploration team challenge is ongoing. TRACK WEEKLY
    • District wide challenge starts March 6. More details to come
    • You can always complete the 7,000 steps for 20 days in a calendar month

If you have any questions or need help you can reach out to your Wellness manager or Cat Miner.

We do this together!


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