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Receive a $2500 PDTA and USBE Credit with Microcredential Stack

Provo City School District teachers can earn a $2500 PDTA (Provo Distinguished Teaching Award) and receive USBE credit toward lane change by completing microcredential stacks.

You can learn more about Utah state microcredentials below:

To be considered, you will need to complete the following steps:

1.  Review and choose one of the following microcredential stacks.

Stack 1: Utah’s High Leverage Practices for Classroom Instruction

  1. Consistent, Organized, and Respectful Learning Environment
  2. Feedback
  3. Strategies to Promote Active Student Engagement
  4. Systematically Designed Instruction
  5. Using Student Assessment Data to Inform Instruction

Stack 2: Disciplinary Literacy

Must select video option for evidence on this stack

  1. Media Literacy Across the Disciplines
  2. Reading Across the Disciplines
  3. Speaking and Listening Across the Disciplines
  4. Visual Literacy Across the Disciplines
  5. Writing Across the Disciplines

Stack 3: Elementary Science Endorsement: Classroom Practice in Science

  1. Classroom Practice in Science Microcredential #1
  2. Classroom Practice in Science Microcredential #2
  3. Classroom Practice in Science Microcredential #3

Stack 4: Secondary ELA Endorsement: Teaching Text Creation

  1. Assessing and Responding to Student Writing
  2. Creating Effective Invitations for Student Writing
  3. Planning and Teaching Using a Range of Strategies for Writing Instruction
  4. Reflecting the Relationships Among Form, Genre, Audience, and Media
  5. Supporting Writers’ Self-Evaluation and Peer Evaluation of Writing in Process
  6. Understanding a Range of Informal and Formal Texts for Creation

Stack 5: Secondary Science Endorsement: Three-Dimensional Science and Engineering

  1. 3D Science Assessments
  2. Equity and Accessibility in Science Teaching and Learning
  3. Nature of Science and Nature of Engineering
  4. Phenomenon-Based Teaching and Learning
  5. STEM and Society
  6. The Crosscutting Concepts
  7. The Disciplinary Core Ideas
  8. The Science and Engineering Practices

Stack 6: Feedback

  1. Creating a Culture of Feedback
  2. Digital Tools for Feedback
  3. Student to Self Feedback
  4. Student to Student Feedback
  5. Student to Teacher Feedback
  6. Teacher to Student Feedback

2. Complete one microcredential from your selected stack.

We want to ensure that you recognize the amount of work that will go into completing the stack, so we are asking you to complete one of the microcredentials and submit it to the state. Once you have received your evidence of completion from the state, then you can submit an application with the district to complete the rest of the stack to receive your PDTA for $2500.

3. Complete a PCSD application for the PDTA.

The application will ask you to attach the evidence of your completed microcredential along with an anticipated timeline for completion of the rest of the stack. You need to complete the entire stack within your chosen microcredential stack to receive the $2500.

4. Schedule an interview.

After you have completed your entire stack, schedule an interview to show completion. This can be done by emailing

Educators in Provo City School District are eligible for HB 489 (Formally HB 396) $144000, 32...