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PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) Procedures

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The district will make every effort to keep PPE in stock. Due to large demands for existing supplies, it is possible PPE items may not be available.

Hand Sanitizer

The District Office will provide hand sanitizer for each classroom, main office area and other high use areas in our facilities. Hand sanitizer will be provided as needed from the district warehouse. Teachers and Staff will be responsible for monitoring use. Teachers will need to assist students with this process to help reduce waste as most gel bottles typically dispense much more than needed with each pump.

Washable Masks

One washable face mask will be provided to each employee and to each student of Provo City School District. Employees and students/families will be responsible to keep them laundered. Students will also be provided with one breakaway lanyard with a clip to secure the mask for safe keeping while not in use. If an employee or student loses their mask, they will either need to purchase one at the District Office (based on availability) or will need to replace it with another appropriate mask. Disposable Masks—Provo City School District will stock disposable masks for adults and students. These masks will be used as a temporary replacement for employees and students if needed. Each location’s front office will have disposable masks available for patrons without a mask. For schools: masks can be ordered from the district warehouse in limited quantities.

Face Shields

Face shields will be provided for specified courses and according to specific need.

Disposable Gloves

Gloves for each school may be ordered from the District warehouse. Gloves will only be available in sizes medium and large and are normally vinyl. A limited supply of latex gloves may be available.

Sanitizer Wipes

Wipes may be ordered from the District warehouse in limited quantities. Most surface cleaning should be done with cleaning spray and cloths. Sanitizer wipes should be used for quick wipe downs and miscellaneous needs when spray is not available. Custodial staff will remain responsible for daily classroom and office disinfecting.


Guards/dividers will be provided and proper social distancing will be implemented. In some cases, primarily in Elementary schools, each student will have a temporary guard assigned. Teachers in Elementary schools will also be provided a temporary guard, as will teachers and related servers in Secondary schools, as needed.

Building Filtration

Provo City School District has invested millions of dollars during the past 8 years to improve HVAC control systems. We are in a very strong position to easily manage the necessary air exchange rates for teachers and students at every campus. K-12 schools require some of the strictest design standards for air flow exchange. The only building with greater requirements, for example, would be a hospital. Our filtration systems provide a much greater safeguard than a residential establishment.