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Description of StoriumEdu

StoriumEDU is a multiplayer online game that helps teachers motivate their students to write. It transforms writing into an engaging group activity where students work together and lift each other up instead of struggling alone. The game uses concepts and mechanics inspired by popular tabletop, card, and video games — things that are familiar to most students of reading age and higher. These mechanics motivate students’ writing, helping them overcome the dreaded “writer’s block” and build stories with clear structure and compelling characters, and have fun along the way. You can think of StoriumEDU as a sandbox — an open-ended tool that helps you get your students writing. As such it has a wide variety of potential applications in your classroom, including (but not limited to): 1. Language Arts: students can explore the themes and characters of major works of literature by continuing or expanding the narrative. 2. Creative writing: StoriumEDU provides a structured, collaborative environment for creative writing that encourages creativity, character development, plotting, and — crucially — story completion. 3. History: students can demonstrate their comprehension of historical events and context by writing historical fiction. 4. Project-based Learning: StoriumEDU’s writing environment and support for collaboration make it a good fit for PBL classrooms. 5. ESL: StoriumEDU provides a supportive environment for students to practice their English through immersive writing. 6. Learning other languages: while the interface for StoriumEDU is currently only offered in English, writing in any language is supported. 7. Social-emotional learning: as a collaborative exercise that involves reading, writing, character development, and fictional decision making, StoriumEDU is a uniquely powerful way to put students in other people’s shoes and help them consider other perspectives.

Additional Information About StoriumEdu

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