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Description of Khan Academy Kids

"Khan Academy Kids is a comprehensive early learning resource that can be used to help students get individual practice with important foundational learning material. It's pretty easy to get started: Just let students follow their automatic learning path, and check in on a regular basis to see how they're doing. Or, pick and choose activities from the library (all available from the beginning) to "assign." The progress feedback is pretty basic, but gives a simple glimpse into what students have done and whether or not they've mastered the concept. Use that feedback to help target problem areas for individual students or the whole class. Khan Academy Kids could easily be used as a learning station, homework, or computer lab activity. Teachers may even show the videos, songs, or books to the whole class. Then, bring the learning off the screen by singing the songs from the videos, diving deeper into some of the topics of interest, or continuing the learning themes with complementary offscreen activities."

Additional Information About Khan Academy Kids

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